With the PowerBall jackpot rising its stakes at $625 million dollars, more and more people are buying tickets in hope to hit the winning jackpot price. A sudden spike in offline and online lottery ticket sales have been demonstrated in the past few days.

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Purchasing More Lottery Tickets Increases Your Chance Of Winning!?

In 2016, Sibel News provided a very doubtful suggestion intended for would-be bettors for the infamous PowerBall Lotto. 

Early that year, the Powerball lotto hit a jackpot of over a billion dollars initially. Amid the media surrounding the large prize, the generous media-watchdog group tweeted a screenshot coming from a “Fox and Friends” segment guidance a simple technique for maximizing the chance for winning the lottery: Purchase as many seat tickets as you can manage.

This is theoretically true. Shopping for more lotto tickets will increase your likelihood of winning the lottery. In Powerball, you will find 292, 201, 338 feasible tickets. Get one ticket and you have a one is to 292, 201, 338 possibility of winning the jackpot. Acquire two and you have a two in 292, 201, 338 opportunities. And so on.

Although buying even more tickets officially increases the chance for winning, obtaining as many entry passes as you can is really a poor idea.

The likelihood of earning is still extremely low, even though you buy a lot of tickets. The odds of becoming struck by a lightning within the next year will be about a hundred and twenty times greater than a two in 292, 201, 338 chance. Obtaining 10 tickets and providing yourself a 10 is to 292, 201, 338 chance is still far from winning you the Powerball.

A bigger issue is that this is an awful idea coming from a financial point of view. Take the sum total of everything and factor in the fees and taxes, each of all those tickets will result in a negative anticipated value, which means that each lotto ticket signifies a loss of money. Therefore, purchasing more tickets increases the amount of cash you’re going to lose.

Buying more lotto tickets in order to increase your chance of winning the jackpot is, therefore, a terrible, terrible idea and a bad strategy of investing your money and increasing your personal wealth.